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AUSGANGSPUNKT N48° 02,82’ E014° 18,18’


Questions asked about landscapes, raised during the Diploma exam of the minor subject in 2015, were the initial point for this work. Of main importance were reflections about the localization of oneself in the landscape, but also how our perception of known landscapes can change without changing the landscape or its picture itself.

During the working process, the sceneries around my parents’ home were documented and cataloguized. With the help of GPS, altimeter, hand bearing compass and analogue black and white films, the emotional bonds and the subjective perception were gradually decreased in order to draw attention on the data of the scenery pictures. Every single photograph was provided with the degrees of longitude and latitude, the sea level and the viewing direction.

During this process also my own subjective perception of my position in the scenery has changed essentially. The data of the pictures were no longer just data of the scenery, but also data of myself. With every little movement, the framework of the globe was more emphasized. The real position was no longer defined by personal perception, emotions or memories, but by concrete numbers and data. Likewise the perception of the photograph in the moment of shooting has changed with this mathematical view of oneself. The landscape has become an area in the eye, an are inside the camera and finally an are in the current tangential spot respectively to the center of the Earth.

In this work not the visualization of existing realities was focused, but the search of alternative perceptions and our awareness for that.

The four large-sized pictures were printed on aluminum and subsequently buckled. The buckling was conveyed to the picture according to the display of the compass rose in the moment of shooting. Furthermore all data of the four individual pictures was captured in sculptures, that were simultaneously becoming location and form. Of main importance is the arrangement of the sculptures in the exhibition, as it is based on the north-south-orientation of the room. The distances between them was evaluated and adapted to the respective room situation.

In the same way as the human being is inevitably involved in the scenery, the beholder is also incorporated in the scenery pictures in the current room situation. The entering and leaving, of the pictures as well as the sculptures, illustrates the movement and the changing position of everyone in the landscape and the continuously changing data.



2017 Kulturzentrum Ursulinenhof, Linz, Austria
2016 Solo Show, Gallery Kapeller, Steyr, Austria
2015 Side diploma show, HfG of Main, Offenbach am Main, Germany
2015 Annual Show,HfG of Main, Offenbach am Main, Germany


analogue black an white photography, UV-printed on aluminium, kinked, various sizes